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How to update a Seascape archive

Learn how to update existing standalone Seascape archives, outside of IBM Notes.

Steps to update archive(s) to the latest version:

1. Download Seascape Archive Updater from:

2. To run the application you need to have Administrator rights. When the application is started you need to enter Seascape license.

Also, the license key can be inserted/changed from the menu.

3. Once the license is verified (over the internet), update files will be downloaded and you need to choose a folder where archives reside. Please note that all archives in this folder will be selected, updated and set in the archive catalog.

4. When archives are listed run "Update" action. If there are some archives that need an update they will be updated and Archive catalog will be created.

5. When everything is done and archives are updated, you can view Archive catalog.

NOTICE: If there is no connection to the download page, you will be presented with the license key dialog where you can enter license (if not previously set) and you can copy the link to download page to the clipboard. The copied link you can use from another workstation to download a zip file with an update.

Once you click on the „Copy link to clipboard“ you will be presented with the „Import update“ button where you can select downloaded zip file and proceed with the archive(s) update. 

After you import update file, proceed with the step 3.