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How are licenses consumed

Seascape licenses are issued for a specific number of workstations and databases. 

For example, a 3 Workstation / 150 database license allows you to install Seascape on up to three different workstations, and export a maximum of 150 databases. 

Each time you activate Seascape on a new workstation, a single workstation license seat is taken (eg. 1 of 3) by registering the name of the workstation in an online registration database. 

Similarly, each time you begin to export a database, a single database seat is taken (eg. 1 of 150) by registering the replica ID of the database in the online registration database.

You can distribute the workloads across different workstations as you prefer. For example, you could export 40 databases from the first workstation, 80 from the second, and 30 from the third workstation.

You can view your current consumption of workstation and database licenses from the About page in your Seascape database: 

Note:  After a workstation license has been consumed, you may re-install Seascape on such a workstation multiple times without consuming a new license seat. 

Similarly, after a database license has been consumed, you can process the registered database multiple times without taking up another database license. 

You may wish to reprocess a database in order to export additional content that has been created after the initial export, or if the initial attempt failed or completed with errors.