2.2.4. Seascape Flex

Seascape Flex extends the Full Archive functionality by providing a full-text search capability, scalability, and other improvements.

Seascape Flex deploys two new services on your Windows server (or localhost) including the Flex Server and the Elasticsearch engine.

The services are configured to automatically index the Full Archives that you select during the installation process. 

Once Seascape Flex is deployed and your archives are updated (as part of the installation procedure) your archives will show a new search dialog that allows users to search through the PDF records, attachments, and metadata, as well as use many advanced search features. 

Here are the steps to install Seascape Flex.

1. Download the SeascapeAdmin.exe installation package and open it, and select the Seascape Viewer option on the left.

Then select the folder which stores your archives and click the Update button. The action will update the design of your archives with the most recent template:

2. Once your archives have been updated, click on the Seascape Flex option on the left, and click the Install Seascape Flex button:

3. In the next step, select your desired Host (local host or your server IP), the port number, and the root folder of your Seascape archives. When finished, click Install:

4. The installation wizard is now launched. Click Install to being the installation procedure and follow the installation steps:

5. Once the installation is completed, click Finish to exit the wizard.

6. The Seascape Flex server is now activated and the new services are running. 

The Seascape Administrator program will show the status of the Seascape Flex and Elasticsearch services, both of which have to be running in order for the search capability to function normally. 

The Administrator also provides you with options for restarting the services if needed, changing your installation settings (host and port), and to check for product updates. 

7. Click on the Open Catalog link in the Administrator in order to launch your archive in a web browser. 

Click on the Search box to confirm that the new search dialog is now shown in the your archive. 

It is recommended to run a few random searches to confirm that the Flex server is returning the expected search results: