2.2. Creating a Full Archive

To create a Full Archive in Seascape, click on the Full Archive option in the main menu: 

On the export page, select one or more databases to be exported, select the export settings, select the destination folder, and click Next:

You can now review the export summary info, and if everything’s OK, click Start export now in order to initiate the export:

A progress bar will show the progress of your export. 

After the export is completed, click Open in browser to open your archive (or the Database Catalog, if you exported multiple databases):

Database Selection Dialog

The database selection dialog allows you to select the server where the databases are located, and to sort databases by file path or database template:

If you’re only exporting a single database, then you will also be able to select the specific views that you wish to export (in the Views option):

If you are exporting multiple databases, then you'll have the option of exporting either the default view from each database, or ALL views from all the databases:

In both cases, you can also add an additional filter in order to export documents from a specific date range, or documents that satisfy a specific criteria (which is set up using a Notes formula):

To add custom metadata to your export, click on the Custom Metadata link and configure your metadata creation settings using Notes formulas: