2.3.2. Map SharePoint Columns

The Field mapping dialog allows you to map Lotus Notes fields to the corresponding SharePoint properties:

The field mapping popup is split into several collapsible sections as shown in the below image. The first section shows the general metadata, while the remaining sections show the metadata grouped by Notes form:

To map a Notes field to an existing SharePoint field, select the checkbox next to the Notes field and then select the appropriate SharePoint field:

The SharePoint uploader also enables you to create new fields in SharePoint and transfer the metadata to those fields. 

In order to create a new field in SharePoint, type in a custom field title in the SharePoint field title field, and select the SharePoint field type

When the upload begins, the SharePoint uploader will automatically create a new field in SharePoint with that title and field type, and transfer the corresponding metadata to that field. 

Note that some field names are reserved and cannot be used as field titles. If you enter such a name in the SharePoint title field, then the field will be highlighted in red color:

Note: Once your upload is completed, the imported metadata may not be displayed in the SharePoint columns automatically. 

If that's the case, use the Show/hide columns option to enable the appropriate columns in your view: