1.2. Uninstalling

To uninstall Seascape for Notes, simply remove the Seascape database from your Notes data directory.

If you also wish to remove the resources Seascape extracted to your system during run-time, follow these steps:

1. Delete the SwPDFC folder from your system (including all sub-folders).
For Lotus Notes, the SwPDFC folder is located at "<LOTUS NOTES INSTALLATION FOLDER>\Data\SwPDFC\" (typically C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data or C:\Lotus\Notes\Data).
For Lotus Domino server, the SwPDFC folder is located at "<LOTUS DOMINO INSTALLATION FOLDER>\Data\SwPDFC\".

2. Delete the swllrend.dll file located in your Lotus Notes or Domino installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\ or C:\Lotus\Notes\).

3. Open your notes.ini file (using any text editor), delete the lines listed below, and then save and close the file.

Note: It is recommended to first create a backup of notes.ini before making changes.
Note: Your notes.ini might not contain all entries listed below.
Note: The notes.ini file is located at "<LOTUS NOTES INSTALLATION FOLDER>\notes.ini" (for Lotus Notes) or at "<LOTUS DOMINO INSTALLATION FOLDER>\notes.ini" (for Lotus Domino server).

List of entries to delete:

a) All entries starting with SWJ or SWJOO:


b) Entries starting with $Sw:


c) Java heap size entries: