1.1. Installing and activating

1. Download the Seascape for Notes and extract the NSF file from the downloaded ZIP package to your Notes Data directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data).
Important: If you're installing Seascape on a server, please sign the Seascape database with your Server ID.

2. Open Seascape in Lotus Notes and activate the product license using the key provided by the vendor. If the activation is successful, a confirmation message will appear as shown below.
Important: In order for the Seascape users to be able to use the product correctly they will need to be assigned a Designer role in SWING Seascape database (or a higher role).

3. Click Next in order to start the installation and extraction of the required resources to your system:

4. Once the installation is completed, a confirmation message will appear asking you to restart Lotus Notes. After a restart you can begin to use the product: