Error - There is another PDF conversion process already started

The message "There is another PDF conversion process already started" usually means that the PDF Converter dialog is already open in one tab of your Lotus Notes client, or that the notes.ini file was not updated properly with PDF Converter's information (e.g. due to Lotus Notes crashing during a conversion job etc.). 

Possible solutions:

  • Hit OK to close the error message and start a new conversion job. With this action the notes.ini file should be updated properly so you can start a new conversion job normally. 
  • Locate and close another open PDF Converter dialog tab in your Notes client and start a new conversion job. 
  • Open your notes.ini file (located in Notes installation folder) using a text editor and delete the "$SwPDFDialogOn=1" line manually (this line is automatically written to your notes.ini file each time a conversion is started using the PDF toolbar icon, and also deleted from the notes.ini file once the tab containing the PDF Converter dialog is closed. In some circumstances the line may not be deleted, in which case manual deletion should be attempted) 
  • If none of the above works, then it is recommended to remove PDF Converter completely from your system and run a fresh install. Instructions for a complete removal of the tool from your system are available here.