PDF toolbar icon does not appear after installation

This article lists the common causes for the SWING PDF Converter toolbar not appearing in Notes toolbar after installation, including the solutions (click on any image for a bigger display)

1. SWING PDF Converter is installed in IBM Notes 9


See this article on how to display the PDF toolbar icon in R9 after installation. 

2. SWING PDF Converter installation was successful, but the toolbar icon is still not shown or is hidden among other icons


Right-click on the Notes toolbar and mark the SWING PDF Converter menu (if unmarked). 

If the menu is marked and you still can not see the PDF toolbar icon, it may be hidden among the other icons in your toolbar. Try moving the separator bars in your Notes toolbar or expand hidden icons to locate the PDF Converter toolbar icon

3. The PDF toolbar icon is still not shown after trying the above two solutions


Add the toolbar icon manually in your Notes toolbar. Here's how:
  • In Lotus Notes workspace open File -> Preferences. In the Preferences window which opens up click Toolbar (1) -> Toolbars (2) and then click on the New Toolbar button (3). In the Toolbar Title column (4) write "SWING PDF Converter" and press Enter.

  • Select the "SWING PDF Converter" toolbar from the list and click on Customize. Now click on New -> Button... 

  • In the Button caption text and Popup help text fields write "SWING PDF Converter"
  • In the Formula text box paste the following code:


server :=@Environment("SwPDFCreatorServer");
db := @Environment("SwPDFCreatorDB");

PromptTitle :="SWING PDF Converter for Lotus Notes and Domino";

Err1Title := @Environment("swPDFErr1");
@If(Err1Title="";Err1Title :="The SWING PDF Converter database could not be found." ;Err1Title);

Err2Title := @Environment("swPDFErr2");
@If (Err2Title=""; Err2Title := "Please select a document or a collection of documents to be converted to PDF." ; Err2Title);

Err3Title := @Environment("swPDFErr3");
@If (Err3Title=""; Err3Title := "The new document should be saved before being converted to PDF. Please save the document and try again." ;Err3Title);

continue :=1;
@If(db ="" ;continue :=0 ; continue :=1);
continue :=1;
@If(@DbExists(server:db ) ;continue:=1; continue :=0);
continue :=1;


@If( (unid = "" & title="" ) | (unid="00000000000000000000000000000000" & title = "");continue := 0;continue := 1) ;


@SetEnvironment("SwPDFContext";""); REM {context is unknown at the begining. Possible values: "DOC"-> Represents a single document in read or edit mode, "View" - > view pdf conversion};

viewTest := @Command([ViewHorizScrollbar]);
context := @If(@IsError(viewTest); "DOC"; "VIEW");
@If(context = "VIEW"; @Command([ViewHorizScrollbar]); "");

FormName :=@Text(@GetDocField(unid;"Form"));

@If(FormName ="" ; @If(@Text(@GetDocField(unid;"$SMTPNotFromNotes")) = "1"; FormName := "Memo" ; "") ;"");


@If(@IsDocBeingEdited & @IsNewDoc; continue:=0;continue:=1);

@SetEnvironment("SwPDFContext"; context);

  • Click on the Change Icon button (1). select "swing_pdf.gif" image (2) and hit OK (3).


If the "swing_pdf.gif" image does not exist, you can copy this image  on your hard drive (right-click on the image, select Save image as and name the file "swing_pdf.gif") and then add it to the list of images. To add "swing_pdf.gif" to the list of images in the Insert Image Resrource window (in the above screenshot), click on New and select the file you just copied from your hard drive. Click OK twice to close the two pop-ups and then click on Save toolbar to save your changes.