What's new in SWING PDF Converter

What's new in version 6

  • Native connection to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365
  • Rendering improvements
  • Easier license management
  • Other improvements

What's new in version 5.5

What's new in version 5

  • Batch conversion/archiving jobs
  • Scheduled mail archiving
  • Support for attachment conversion to PDF using MS Office, OpenOffice or Lotus Symphony
  • Support for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 standards
  • Folder-based classification of email records
  • OpenOffice - trap errors and restart listening service on crash
  • PDF page resize / flip to fit HTML Content
  • Run conversion on server trough user dialog
  • Sync Java API with LotusScript API
  • Improved error handling in conversion dialog
  • Improved OLE Support
  • UI: Design Update
  • Other improvements

What's new in version 4

What's new in version 3

  • Support for PDF/A format
  • Support for custom page sizes
  • Support for export of Notes fields to PDF metadata
  • Support for appending new PDF files to an existing PDF package
  • Support for custom headers and footers in generated PDF files, including page numbering
  • Support for automatic ZIP file extraction and processing of extracted files as individual attachments
  • Support for automatically changing the ZIP file extension to .7z (which is supported by Acrobat Reader)
  • Support for OLE embedded object image
  • Improved document rendering
  • Other improvements

What's new in version 2

  • Improved conversion engine (transforming Notes DXL to XSL-FO is replaced with a new custom utility resulting in significant improvements in document processing time and conversion fidelity)
  • Improved attachment handling (attachment icons are now displayed in their original location within the document and can be double-clicked to open the attachment)
  • Improved international character set support
  • Support for document watermarks
  • Support for automatic tables/images resizing to fit the page
  • Other improvements

Initial release

  • 1-step PDF conversion of documents/emails using a PDF toolbar icon
  • Support for embedding Notes attachments in PDF
  • Support for conversion of Notes attachments to PDF
  • Support for combining multiple documents/emails into a single PDF package
  • Support for centralized deployment and configuration
  • Support for local and server-side deployment
  • Support for PDF document formatting using alternate Notes forms
  • Easy integration with applications using LotusScript or Java API (no separate installation required)
  • Print-quality output from Domino web applications
  • No printer driver or DLL files installation required
  • No http task required on the server