Upload considerations

This article discusses in detail how "SharePointUploader" utility is uploading PDF documents, creating SharePoint document library fields and setting field values based on metadata.

PDF document upload

PDF documents are uploaded from selected source folder.
All subfolders are created in SharePoint library, preserving original directory structure.

There are file name limitations set by SharePoint:
- File names can not be longer then 256 characters.
  File names are trimmed to length.

- Invalid characters are removed from file and folder names.
  Invalid characters are replaced with underscore "_" character.

Official SharePoint limitation list.


SharePoint upload utility is analyzing source folder metadata XML files and building "Form" - "Fields" map.
This is done to accurately determine Notes document field types from exported collection.

If there are multiple forms in exported documents collection then SharePoint library field names from the first form encountered will have title same as Notes field name.
Notes fields belonging to other forms will have title: "[Field Name] ([Form name])".
Example: Notes document field name is "Sender", document form name is "Mail".
                 Generated SharePoint field title is "Sender" if this is first form in map.
Generated SharePoint field title is "Sender (Mail)" if this is not first form in map.

When searching for existing library field, SharePoint upload utility is first looking if library field with name "[Field Name] ([Form name])" exists, if that fails it looks for library field "[Field name]".