Starting upload

This article discusses steps required to upload PDF documents to MS SharePoint document library.
  1. Open SWING PDF Converter database.
  2. In SWING PDF Converter main menu, select "Settings" -> "Document Repositories".
  3. Select desired repository setting document and press "Init manual upload" button.
    If there are no repository setting documents in view it is required to create repository setting in order to proceed.
  4. Press "Yes" button on "Manual Upload?" prompt.
  5. Manual upload application will start.
    Click on "Select source folder..." link to select directory where exported PDF documents are stored.
    Utility will upload all PDF documents within selected folder and all subfolders retaining folder structure in SharePoint document library.

    Available document libraries are listed in drop box, select destination document library.
    Selected library directory tree is shown below drop box, select destination folder.

    Create SharePoint library fields.
    When this option is enabled, utility will create SharePoint library fields named after Lotus Notes document fields that are exported in metadata XML files (RTF fields are exception).
    When this option is disabled, utility will not create any SharePoint library fields and will set metadata only to existing SharePoint library fields with same name as Lotus Notes fields.

    Use common names.
    When this option is enabled all Lotus Notes "Names" fields will be trimmed to common name.
    For example, name CN=John B Goode/OU=Sales/OU=East/O=Acme/C=US becomes "John B Goode".
  6. Press "Start upload" button.
  7. Progress window will open, showing upload progress.
  8. Summary is displayed after completion.