Using SharePoint upload utility without Lotus Notes

This document explains how to use SharePointUploader utility out of Lotus Notes environment.
If you're looking for information on configuring/launching the upload utility inside PDF Converter, please see this tutorial instead.

In order to upload PDF documents to SharePoint successfully, the SharePointUploader utility must be properly configured. Here are the steps to configure and run your SharePointUploader utility:

1. Download the SPRepositoryData.xml configuration document.

2. Open the downloaded XML document in a text editor. You should see the following content in the editor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SwPDFCInstallDirectory>C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Notes\Data\SwPDFC</SwPDFCInstallDirectory>

3. The XML settings now must be edited to ensure a proper connection. Here are the descriptions of the XML fields/settings:
  • <mode> - Defines running context, 4 means manual upload. This value should not be modified.
  • <repositoryHost> - Defines the type of SharePoint repository.
    • 1 - SharePoint Online (MS hosted on cloud).
    • 0 - Local SharePoint hosting (on premises).
  • <repositoryURL> - Defines SharePoint repository URL.
  • <username> - Defines SharePoint user name.
  • <password> - Defines SharePoint user password.
  • <domain> - Defines authentication domain (f.e. ACME\John -> domain is ACME). This value should be set ONLY if repository host is set to 0 (local hosting). Otherwise, leave empty
  • <spUploadPath> - Not used in this context, should be left blank.
  • <localFolderPath> - Not used in this context, should be left blank.
  • <SwPDFCInstallDirectory> - Defines SWING PDF Converter installation directory path (SwPDFC).

4. Copy the XML document you edited to the SPUploader folder in the following location: 

5. Download the package and extract it to the SPUploader directory from the previous step. The SPUploader folder should now contain the following items:

6. In order to run the SharePointUploader utility, double-click on the SPUploaderRun.bat file in the SPUploader folder and the upload dialog will show up:


Please back up your configured SPRepositoryData.xml file as the utility will delete it once it closes.

Mario Pavić,
Mar 1, 2017, 1:17 AM
Mario Pavić,
Mar 1, 2017, 2:06 AM