Java files (jar) list

This is the list of SWING PDF Converter jar files that are by default extracted to:

 File Name Notes version support Description
swpdfc-2.0.0.jarALLSWING PDF Converter main jar
flying-saucer-sw.jar ALLHTML renderer
swUtilities.jar ALLUtilities classes
iText-2.1.7-sw.jar    LND 7+PDF generator
swlmbcs.jar ALLmultibyte text decoder
htmlcleaner2_1.jar ALLHTML utility
zip4j_1.3.2.jar ALLzip utility for Java
commons-io-1.4.jar ALLIO utility
slf4j-api-1.7.7.jar ALLlogging
bcpkix-jdk13-151.jar ALLcryptography provider
bcprov-jdk13-151.jar ALLcryptography provider
swjre-1.4.2.jar   LND 7JVM extension for LND 7
jce.jar   LND 7JVM extension for LND 7
jce-jdk13-145.jar   LND 7JVM extension for LND 7
iText-2.1.7-swR6.jar   LND 6PDF generator
swjre-1.3.1.jar  LND 6JVM extension for LND 6
cajo.jar   LND 6cross JVM communication
jodconverter-3.0.4.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
sw-unoil-3.2.1.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
juh-3.2.1.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
jurt-3.2.1.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
ridl-3.2.1.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
xstream-1.3.1.jar ALLOpenOffice conversion
jai_codec.jar ALLJava Advanced Imaging
jai_core.jar ALL Java Advanced Imaging
commons-codec-1.4.jarALLApache HTTP
commons-httpclient-3.0.jarALLApache HTTP
chemistry-opencmis-client-api-0.10.0.jar   LND 8+CMIS engine
chemistry-opencmis-client-bindings-0.10.0.jar    LND 8+CMIS engine
chemistry-opencmis-client-impl-0.10.0.jar    LND 8+CMIS engine 
chemistry-opencmis-commons-api-0.10.0.jar   LND 8+CMIS engine 
chemistry-opencmis-commons-impl-0.10.0.jar   LND 8+CMIS engine 
swcmis-module.jar    LND 8+CMIS engine 

Not all files are extracted to installation directory, extraction files are determined by LND version.

*LND - Lotus Notes / Domino