Legacy: Document repository settings

SWING PDF Converter provides the ability to import the created PDF files and metadata directly into MS SharePoint / Office 365.

In order to connect to a SharePoint library, a connection first must be established by creating a document repository setting document. Once the setting document has been created, it can be used by PDF Converter's server-side archiving jobs or by the client-side manual upload tool to connect to the desired repository and upload documents and metadata.

Here are the steps to create a new document repository setting for MS SharePoint / Office 365:

1. In PDF Converter's Administration menu, click Document Repositories > New Repository:

2. A new configuration document will open for editing. Enter the new profile's name and description, and optionally set the repository as the default repository.
In the Repository type box select Sharepoint, and then click on Configure repository:

3. A pop-up as shown on the below screenshot will appear where the connection parameters may be entered.
When finished click Test connection. If a connection has been established successfully, a confirmation message will be shown and you can then click OK to close the pop-up.

Note: If the SharePoint farm is hosted on premises, select the Standard option in the Authentication type drop-down. 
In that case the Repository URL setting should be in the following format: http://acme.com

Otherwise if SharePoint is hosted by Microsoft as part of SharePoint / Office 365 cloud solution, then select Office 365 / SharePoint Online in the Authentication type drop-down. The Repository URL setting should in that case be in the following format: http://acme.sharepoint.com

4. The document repository settings are now completed and the document can be saved and closed. For the next steps, check our export to SharePoint tutorials here and here.