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LoadXML error

For the moment you should disable outline promotion in the Administration (Administration - Library settings - Configure document outline). 
Once this is done, just publish (or withdraw and publish) one document. This way, you will have properly created initial tree. 

It is an issue with the unknown characters or word objects (image, table) within the heading format in a document. Thus, causing outline xml to fail as improperly formatted.

To find what document is causing this LoadXML issue, follow below steps:

1. Click "OK" on LoadXML error
2. Right click on the empty view frame.
3. Select properties and copy whole link.
4. Open Opera (better XML error description) and paste that link in the address bar.
5. Change "GenerateXtree" to "Xtree.xml" and run that link.

It will provide you with the xml node that is causing this issue. In the node you will have part of the name of the heading that is causing this issue. Just open that document in the Authoring (Edit mode) and change the line of the Heading to have only text in the name and  it should work

Check whether your users are able to write public documents. If they are set as reader in the database ACL they should have enabled "Write public documents". As xml file is cached in a database once it is generated.
Also, try to add server to Compatibility view settings in Internet Explorer.