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Authoring and Administration options are not visible, although ACL is set correctly


Although user has Manager access set in ACL, as well as "[Author]" and "[Administrator]" roles enabled, "Authoring" and "Administration" options are still not visible.


Basically, when database is opened for the first time (in web browser; DocPublisher is not intended to be run in LN client), it will ask for the license key. Only person with the "[Administrator]" role will be able to enter this key. Once the database has been licensed, additional users can be added using the "Manage Users" page under the "Administration" option.

If you are not listed on users list under the "Administration" link, you won't be able to access the "Authoring" and "Administration" sections.

The db ACL is updated automatically, based on changes made to this view. In other words, "manually" adding user to ACL and assigning him the roles will not allow him to use "Authoring" and "Administration". Users with these rights must be entered using the "Manage Users" page under the "Administration" option.