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How to align and print tables

To make tables show correctly in DocPublisher, as in any Web application, table indent from left needs to be set. Follow these steps to set table indent:

1. Select desired table (right click on the upper left table corner; mouse pointer becomes the cross)

2. In the dropdown list, click on "Table Properties..."
3. In the table properties window, select "Table" tab and set positive value in the "Indent from left field:" (for example 0,08 cm)

4. Press OK.

5. Repeat this steps for all tables. You don't need to upload documents to DocPublisher to see how they will look while you are editing your document. Instead of uploading documents you can switch to web layout view by clicking on the web layout icon on the lower left corner of MS Word.

In order to print pages correctly, you need to set up margins in MS Word and Internet Explorer. Please follow these steps to set up printing:

1. Open your document in MS Word

2. Click "File" -> "Page Setup"

3. Set the "Margins" in the newly opened window (you can try setting the values on the picture)

4. Make sure that text outside the table is aligned according to new margins otherwise it wont be printed correctly.

5. Test print the document. If the print is OK save the document and exit MS Word.

6. Open Internet Explorer

7. Upload your document to DocPublisher.

8. Select "File" -> "Page Setup..."

9. In the Page Setup window set margins values (you can try setting values as in the below picture)

These values might not work for you because they depend on the type of printer that you use; if they are not correct try changing them to find values that suit you.