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How to upgrade DocPublisher design between releases

1. Create a blank template database on local (blank.ntf). It will be used to update destination database first. This way all the design elements will be properly removed from your database and there will be no conflicts or misbehavior between old and new design once we apply new design to destination database. 

            1a. File – Application – New...
            1b. For File Name enter „blank.ntf“
            1c. Open Encryption dialog and set „Do not locally encrypt this database“
            1d. Ok for all.

2. Add yourself in the ACL of the blank.ntf. Create all the roles and add the "Administrator" role to yourself immediately.

3. Replace the design of destination database with the blank.ntf. Uncheck the "Hide formulas and lotuscript“ option. This action will remove all the design elements from your database and prepare it for the design replacement. 

4. Run a check to see if there are any remaining design elements by opening the database in Domino Designer. The only elements that are allowed here are the views that you may have created previously. If you see any other element (agent, script library, subform, form... ) you should remove it.

5. Copy the sample DocPublisher database and set it as template database (docpublisher.ntf).

6. Replace design of destination database with the docpublisher.ntf.
    NOTE: After database upgrade, you should sign database with the server ID or the user ID that has enough rights to run unrestricted agents.

7. Once database is set, open it in Notes client (you should have "Administrator" role to see link to open database) and in the hidden view "(LookupConfigurations)", select configuration document and run "Refresh" action from Actions menu.