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Release History

Version 4.80 (2018-Mar-27)

  • Fix: Document outline not working
  • Fix: IE 10 related issues

Version 4.79 (2017-Oct-12)

  • Fix: Print action does not work

Version 4.78 (2016-Nov-30)

  • Fix: Custom view save errors
  • Fix: Reports - error with FolderContent_INLINE_DIALOGS subform
  • Fix: Updating custom view does not refresh xml
  • New: Date picker updated
  • New : Manage users - Add all users from NAB

Version 4.77 (2016-Jul-26)

  • Fix: Arhive document - History tab issue
  • Fix: Custom document properties - Date not properly set
  • Fix: Level search - Browse not working
  • Fix: When databasae changes domain, content is not presented
  • Fix: When there is no custom views, existing sign-off option within a dropdown is not provided

Version 4.76 (2016-Jan-19)

  • Fix: Bad sign-off page
  • Fix: Cannot open PDF from header link
  • Fix: Change Folder not working
  • Fix: Custom view with folder structure shows folders that do not meet criteria
  • Fix: Domino 6.5.3 - missing MIME types
  • Fix: Expiry and review date properties required
  • Fix: Image missing
  • Fix: Move & Reorder actions in folder menu visible to Author
  • Fix: PDF lost on new revision
  • Fix: Search issues
  • Fix: Tree view div position issue
  • New : Change permissions in bulk from folder view
  • New : Updated certificate for ActiveX control

Version 4.75 (2015-Nov-26)

  • Fix: Export library contents fails when there is a special character in document/folder name
  • Fix: Export long path names error
  • Fix: HTML document title position
  • Fix: IE9 - missing content when modalDialog used
  • Fix: Inline image padding removed from content HTML
  • Fix: PDF missing when attachment is removed and document re-published without opening Word document
  • Fix: No PDF found when topic is re-published
  • New : Batch update permissions for all documents in selected folder

Version 4.71 (2014-Dec-10)

  • Fix: 32k limit on outline field (SubtopicNames)
  • Fix: Custom views; document sorting and displaying not working properly
  • Fix: Different domain causing issue with ajax calls
  • Fix: iframe not shown in the document content
  • Fix: tree structure hidden under "Recent Updates"
  • Fix: Users not removed from ACL when removed from Manage Users list
  • Fix: XML error when user do not have rights on Cache db
  • Fix: [IE 11] - Trying to save Word document as HTML document

Version 4.70 (2013-Oct-22)

  • Fix: IE10 related issues
  • Fix: Custom property selection allows values not in the list which causes issue on IE8
  • Fix: Issue with Edit Topic Header
  • Fix: Hosting license - sign-off readers duplicated and issue with date format
  • Fix: Issue with Anchor links
  • Fix: Print action does not work
  • Fix: Issue with creating a custom view
  • Fix: Word hyperlinks not working when document published
  • Fix: Document title not shown in recent updates

Version 4.69 (2013-May-28)

  • Fix: Add related topic causes IE crash (when debugger is enabled)
  • Fix: Add signoff users
  • Fix: Document reorder doesn't work
  • Fix: IE 10 - Cannot publish from read mode
  • Fix: IE 10 issues
  • Fix: Localization issues
  • Fix: Main action bar links/buttons: position
  • Fix: Save as PDF issue
  • Fix: Send signoff reminders
  • Fix: Show archive error
  • Fix: Sign-off confirmation
  • Fix: Switching from main page to authoring pops up debugger
  • Fix: There is no subject line when adding users to Sign-off list
  • Fix: User selection dialog shows default NAB view when browsing names with Previous/Next buttons
  • Fix: inline frame height size issue
  • Fix: reorder fails
  • Fix: sign-off view loading problem
  • Fix: Opening related topics and attachments fail
  • Fix: [Sign-off]: Ability to change the email reminder subject
  • Fix: [Sign-off]: Not working in Firefox
  • Fix: [Sign-off]: Confirmation not working for users with special characters in user names
  • Fix: [Sign-off]: 'Send to' field expands too much when more then 6 users are entered
  • Fix: [Sign-off]: When in read mode "click here" link do not work
  • New : Make expiry & review date fields mandatory

Version 4.68 (2012-Jul-31)

  • Fix: Amyuni 4 implementation
  • Fix: Custom view does not create proper document name if set as formula
  • Fix: Custom view setup property filter not working when string contains AND or OR
  • Fix: PDF copy of document not exported during Export
  • Fix: Permission changed when document is moved to a different folder
  • Fix: No subject line when users are added to Sign-off list
  • Fix: [PDF] Amyuni printer driver update to ver 4.50
  • Fix: [signoff] When in read mode "click here" link does not work

Version 4.67 (2012-Jan-09)

  • Fix: LoadXML error when opening DocPublisher with Anonymous access rights set to reader
  • Fix: Publish from edit mode do not set Publish field to publish immediately
  • Fix: User friendly message when there is no MS Office installed
  • Fix: [PDF] - Cannot open PDF document right after Save as Draft
  • Fix: [PDF] Super_User installation fail with error 0
  • New : 64-bit printer driver implementation
  • New : Improved localization

Version 4.66 (2011-Oct-11)

  • Fix: Authoring - cannot open new MS Word document
  • Fix: Copy shortcut do not open proper policy
  • Fix: Default document loaded if we open folder that needs to be populated
  • Fix: Folder Rename and publish Errors with New template from Networking
  • Fix: IE6 - caching of images
  • Fix: LoadXML error on outline promotion
  • Fix: Localization
  • Fix: Network TCP reset - search
  • Fix: No sign-off notification when selecting sign-off group
  • Fix: Reordering documents does not work in IE8, can drag, can not drop
  • Fix: Reordering Folders in IE8 is not possible; folders can be dragged but not dropped
  • Fix: Typos in DocPublisher
  • Fix: Typos in notification messages for review and update
  • Fix: When expiration date is set too far to future , document is immediately set to expired
  • New: Hosting license for NAB view

Version 4.65 (2011-Apr-08)

  • Fix: Archiving HTML documents
  • Fix: Problem with German characters and attaching PDF
  • Fix: Problem with Swedish characters and pdf - SW_UploadPDF
  • Fix: Related topic link opens a document even if it is in the draft stage
  • Fix: Reorder list of folder documents blank when there is huge amount of documents in foder
  • Fix: Save more than one distribution list with the same name at present
  • Fix: Scheduled publishing from read mode does not work
  • Fix: Sign off request visible after the document is deleted
  • Fix: "Manage Distribution Lists" view does not show created list
  • Fix: [Reports] - Capitalize titles
  • Fix: [Signoffs] My Sign-off view not working on expired documents
  • New: Distribute new drafts to other DocPublisher libraries

Version 4.64 (2010-Oct-11)

  • Fix: 'Click here' link for read confirmation still hangs even when signoff is deactivated (in the authoring mode)
  • Fix: Message to leave one user with Admin role, even if such user is not selected
  • Fix: New additional attachment missing from draft after new revision

Version 4.63 (2010-Aug-25)

  • Fix: Navigation tree - cache performance issues

Version 4.62 (2010-Jun-21)

  • Fix: The "sign off" percentage refresh
  • Fix: Area to include attachments does not display correctly on IE6 when ActiveX is disabled
  • Fix: Cannot open attached pdf version of a document when the document is a draft
  • Fix: Creating a new frameset headers throws an error in both Firefox and IE
  • Fix: Deleted folders and documents are still visible in view
  • Fix: Error when publishing a new HTML document with ActiveX disabled
  • Fix: Fast move and click from one button to another cause SW_TestSessionAuth error
  • Fix: If a database has several dots in name then the sign-off db is not properly created
  • Fix: Link title on tree shows name of the first link in the list
  • Fix: Search does not return docs from 3rd level and above folders
  • Fix: SW_TestSessionAuth error on actions while document loading is not completed
  • Fix: Multiple documents are created if user clicks the OK button twice
  • Fix: "My previous signoffs" drop down option appear on Anonymous rights
  • Fix: [FF3 & IE8] Cannot create picture in frameset header with IE8
  • Fix: [IE6] Custom Views that are deleted or made inactive might cause an error

Version 4.61 (2010-Feb-22)

  • Fix: Creating folder errhangsor
  • Fix: Search tree does not show the context menu
  • Fix: Wrong library name in library permissions

Version 4.60 (2010-Jan-29)

  • Fix: Cookie issue. If custom view is set in cookie and afterward deletes, error LoadXML
  • Fix: Scrambled PDF document if font is not embedded
  • Fix: Switch between Contents and Authoring - XML Error
  • Fix: Export documents - spelling correction
  • Fix: TCP Reset - unused tree icons
  • Fix: Permissions - If set when folder gets created it does not remain when document is savedFix: TCP Resets - iconUnCheckAll.gif missing
  • Fix: [FF3] - navigation window small
  • Fix: [FF3] - no frameset border
  • New: Unlimited offline users group

Version 4.56 (2009-Aug-20)

  • Fix: Error with multiple additional attachments

Version 4.53 (2009-Apr-08)

  • Fix: If document is "read-only recommended" it cannot be imported
  • Fix: No full multilingual PDF creation support (No Russian characters are produced in PDF)
  • Fix: FireFox 3 - Unable to create folder

Version 4.51 (2009-Mar-11)

  • Fix: Reading confirmation - JavaScript error after click on confirm
  • Fix: Signoffs database creation issues and Signoffs tab content not visible

Version 4.50 (2009-Feb-26)

  • Reading confirmation: collecting sing-offs from readers; notifications, tracking and reporting

Version 4.07 (2009-Feb-04)

  • Fix: Area to include attachments does not display correctly on IE6 when ActiveX is disabled
  • Fix: Drag saved (Save As) document back to DocuPublisher document cause folder to be deleted
  • Fix: Error when publishing a new HTML document with Active-X disabled

Version 4.06 (2009-Jan-13)

  • Fix: Application hangs when trying to view documents currently in Draft status
  • Fix: Authoring - return to "All" view from any other view couse tree to present Content view
  • Fix: Couldn't find design note - *SW:PDF_URL*
  • Fix: Error Message when authoring
  • Fix: Error when editing a document that contains a coma named attachment
  • Fix: Error when pasting special characters
  • Fix: Incorrect XML error when switching from "Administration" to "Authoring"
  • Fix: Load XML Error
  • Fix: No content when making new revision from archived html document
  • Fix: Outline promotion changes on upgrade to DP4
  • Fix: Print footer does not work without active print header
  • Fix: Publish - default "Immediately"
  • Fix: Publishing options - hard coded date presentation
  • Fix: Schedule publishing from read mode do not update draft stage
  • Fix: Search highlighting problem
  • Fix: Search highlighting is incorrect
  • Fix: Subscript out of range with large number of attachments

Version 4.03 (2008-Oct-21)

  • Fix: Advanced search does not work properly. The entire navigation tree is displayed and "Searching..." does not stop
  • Fix: Change BaseHref field in Publication form
  • Fix: Document outline not working
  • Fix: Error on creating new HTML document when database is empty
  • Fix: Error when searching with quotes
  • Fix: Folder permissions - cannot select NAB groups
  • Fix: Incomplete Quotes in Search bar causes application hang
  • Fix: Limited number of document revisions
  • Fix: Publishing on selected date error
  • Fix: reading confirmation visible
  • Fix: Select Name dialog does not work when address book is changed (user administration)
  • Fix: Sign-Off and my Task still visible
  • Fix: When DP needs to be replicated (for backup), an unlimited server license was required
  • New: Batch export from the Notes client

Version 4.01 (2008-Jun-16)

  • Fix: Attachment issue - save as draft
  • Fix: Cannot delete archived document
  • Fix: Customize Topic Header and Footer description
  • Fix: Description of Version issue
  • Fix: Loading loops when editing draft document in publisher updated from version 3
  • Fix: PDF not working
  • Fix: RSS subscribe link appears twice
  • Fix: Swing PDF Printer Active-x issue
  • Fix: When opening document from link, also open defined view
  • Fix: Wrong description of "Configure LDAP authentication" option New : Wrong year in license information

Version 4.00 (2008-Apr-25)

  • Folder-level permissions
  • HTML editor (in addition to Word)
  • Dynamic Navigation Tree with "type ahead" search
  • Authoring section: List of documents and subfolders
  • Batch publishing or routing
  • Effective Date (Publish immediately OR on Effective Date)
  • Manage all users inside the application (incl. Readers)
  • User selection dialog: lookup to LDAP directories
  • Export view to .csv
  • Manual archiving (new Archive button)
  • Improved history: links to attachments and properties
  • Custom property types Date and Users
  • Word 2007 .docx supported
  • Workflow guidelines (user-defined text accompanying the routing form)
  • Other improvements